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Track: Are You What You Want To Be?
Artist: Foster The People
Album: Supermodel
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Foster The People | Are You What You Want To Be?

Well I’m afraid of saying too much and ending a martyr
But even more so I’m afraid to face God and say I was a coward

The song that played in Chapter Seventeen at the party during Rob and Frankie’s conversation

Track: Where Is My Mind?
Artist: Pixies
Album: Surfer Rosa
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Artist: Pixies

Song: Where Is My Mind?

Mentioned in From The Shadows in Chapter Three, the credits to Fight Club

Anonymous asked: Ok, so I just wanted to say that your stories are just beyond... wow. Keep writing kay? Your stories could be published if you wanted to. They're that good. Ilysm keep writing those amazing stories of yours!

Gah, thank you so much for this! I know this is really late in me replying to this, but thank you very much. This means a lot to me. I love you too, babe!

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New chapter of Rebel to be published in a few hours.
Alright, so..

I’m going to start back writing for Rebel this week, but when I’m going to update is another story. I’m not entirely sure when, but Writer’s Block hit me pretty hard. At first I was like: 

"That can’t happen to me. My imagination is like a freaking race car with all the things I think of all the time."

And then it did and I felt sad. But hopefully it’s getting lighter now because I have stories to write people to entertain.

We’ll see in due time.

P.S: I changed the url for this tumblr. I feel like the new url makes me feel like a cool whippersnapper.  

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Audio from Deleted Scene The poem that Charlie reads at Secret Santa party to his friends

“That was the poem I read for Patrick. Nobody knew who wrote it, but Bob said he heard it before, and he heard that it was some kid’s suicide note. I really hope it wasn’t because then I don’t know if I like the ending”.

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