New chapter of Rebel to be published in a few hours.

3 months ago

Alright, so..

I’m going to start back writing for Rebel this week, but when I’m going to update is another story. I’m not entirely sure when, but Writer’s Block hit me pretty hard. At first I was like: 

"That can’t happen to me. My imagination is like a freaking race car with all the things I think of all the time."

And then it did and I felt sad. But hopefully it’s getting lighter now because I have stories to write people to entertain.

We’ll see in due time.

P.S: I changed the url for this tumblr. I feel like the new url makes me feel like a cool whippersnapper.  

9 months ago
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Audio from Deleted Scene The poem that Charlie reads at Secret Santa party to his friends

“That was the poem I read for Patrick. Nobody knew who wrote it, but Bob said he heard it before, and he heard that it was some kid’s suicide note. I really hope it wasn’t because then I don’t know if I like the ending”.

My soul told me to do it.

1 year ago

I knew I belonged to the public and to the world, not because I was talented or even beautiful, but because I had never belonged to anything or anyone else. -Μarilyn Monroe

Finally getting around the writing the 4 years later one shot again, maybe it’ll be done soon. No promises.

1 year ago

Dear Friend… I wanted to tell you about us running. There was this beautiful sunset. And just a few hours before, everyone I love had their last day of high school ever. And I was happy because they were happy, even though I counted, and I have 1,095 days to go. 

Title: Seven Nation Army
Artist: The White Stripes
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  • Artist: The White Stripes
  • Track: Seven Nation Army
  • Album: Elephant
  • Year: 2003

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